When should you hire a masonry contractor? This is perhaps one of the most common questions homeowners ask when it comes to masonry projects.  

Usually, you will have to hire a masonry contractor immediately if you’re experiencing emergencies. This includes indications of bricks moving out of place, stones starting to chip, and mortar erosion.  

You might think that masonry repairs can be a DIY project. However, that is not the case. Masonry repairs require a lot of attention to detail and time to properly finish the job. It’s vital to hire a professional masonry contractor for help if you’ve got no experience or skills. If you try to do it yourself, you might end up making the problem worse.  

Noticing the early indications of deteriorating masonry work can save you from experiencing more serious issues in the future.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of common issues that will require the help of a professional masonry contractor

Chipping and Cracking Stone 

This is perhaps one of the most obvious indications that your house needs masonry repair. If you notice that your stonework and brick have structural damage such as chips and cracks, don’t hesitate to hire a professional masonry contractor.  

While brick and stone are extremely durable materials, they are not completely indestructible. Sudden and strong impacts and gradual wear and tear can cause chips and cracks to occur.  

Just like a crack in your windshield, the issues in your bricks can grow if left ignored. This leads to more structural damage. If you allow this type of issue to go ignored, it will worsen in the future.  

Shifting and Bulging Bricks 

Stonework and bricks can be prone to shifting, warping, and bulging as time passes by. Shifting temperatures, particularly in the northern and mid-west climates, and weather conditions expand/shrink masonry. This enables shifting stones and mortar deterioration to occur.  

Moisture can also seep into cracks in the stonework. The water inside it can freeze and thaw with the changing weather cycle. This expanding/shrinking can lead to displaced, shifting, and bulging bricks. This problem is also called “frost boil”. 

If you notice any early indications of fallen, bulging, or shifting bricks, make sure you hire a professional masonry contractor. Foundation issues, infrastructure damage, and other masonry issues can happen if this issue is left ignored.  

Deteriorating Mortar 

For those who don’t know, the sealant-like paste that the contractors use to fill the gaps between bricks is called the mortar. It’s almost the same as concrete. Mortar connects bricks. It also helps evenly distribute the weight of every brick.  

Unfortunately, mortars deteriorate over time. There are a couple of reasons why this happens. Time, friction, wind, rain, and more will slowly wear down mortar as time passes by. This signals you to consider hiring a masonry contractor.  

Fortunately, a professional mason can utilize methods such as tuckpointing and repointing to replace damaged mortar. They can help restore the look of your masonry structure to its original condition. Thus, you’ve got nothing to worry about.