Waterfall Pond Landscape Ideas

Backyard Koi Pond Designs

Backyard Koi Pond Designs

A waterfall pond feature can serve as a vibrant and beautiful gathering point for your front yard, backyard or garden. The consistent flogging of the waterfall creates a soothing sound that can surpass traffic and other noise. In addition, you can add fish and aquatic plants to the pond waterfall flowing in to create a mini-ecosystem. If you are considering installing a waterfall pond landscape, there are several landscape ideas that you can think of.

Formal design

The pond designs with waterfalls dust unit should blend seamlessly with the rest of your landscape. According to Landscape Design Advice, if your outdoor space is formal, and has many linear features, such as straight walls or rows of hedges, you will probably want to install a waterfall pond with a well-defined geometric shape. This can be a square, rectangle, pentagon or hexagon. The waterfall in such a construction would fall over a straight edge, to keep all the elements linear.

Natural Design

Alternatively, if your outdoor space is invalid strict linear elements, you may want to use a natural waterfall pond design. You can let features in the pond design landscape determine the shape of your pond. Which can be long, narrow and curved, or wide and amorphous. In such a landscape, you do not need a linear edge to tie the elements together. So that your waterfall can tumble over a group of rocks or other uneven, lifelike structure.

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