To Install A Pre-Shaped Pond Liners

Colored Pond Liners

Colored Pond Liners

Rigid preformed pond linings are usually made of molded plastic or fiberglass. If you put a pond in a lawn, don’t let the grass grow right up to the water’s edge. Lay a strip of gravel or gravel around the pond to protect the edge of the plastic liner during mowing and to prevent the lawn mowers from falling into the pond. Place the pond liners in its planned position.

Dig a hole 30cm wider than the perimeter of the custom made pond liners. And try to make the hole depth and shape match the liner of the pond as close as possible. Remember to cover the bottom of the hole with a 2.5 cm layer of sand. Place a straightedge over the hole and use a tape measure positioned at right angles to measure the depth of the hole at different points. These to check that it matches the depth of the pond.

Remove any sharp stones or roots and cover the hole in the hole with a layer of sand. Lower the custom preformed pond liners into the hole and make sure it is level and flush with the edge of the ground. Do not fill the pond at once, but do it gradually. Refill the liner when the water rises (see steps, far to the left) to prevent air pockets from occurring.

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