Best Small Pond Filter And Pump

Small pond filter – With so many pool filters generated today, with a variety of filter media being used, how do you choose filter and filter media to best suit your needs and budget or whether you want to make your own to save money. Many co-supervisors, especially those who are new to hobbies may […]

Easy Clean Pond Filter

Koi Pond Filter System –  The most important factor in maintaining the ecosystem in your Koi pond while staying healthy is a functioning filter. When water is being circulated and debris does not need to be removed, there is little chance your fish will get sick or your pool will be full of algae. Fortunately, […]

External Pond Pumps

Submersible Pond Pumps – Pumps keep freshwater pond which is essential for ponds with fish, such as the Koi, and for running fountains and waterfalls. There are two primary types of water pumps for the ponds: submersible and external. Submersible pumps are installed in the water and are generally fit for smaller ponds. Its ease […]