Simple Tips for Koi Pond Maintenance in Home

Clean Koi Pond Small

Clean Koi Pond Small

When we talk about koi pond maintenance, it is about a pond with koi, the national fish of Japan. The koi is a special breeding variant of the common carp. They are beautiful fish to see. But koi need a well-maintained pond to guarantee the health of these precious fish. The technology in koi ponds must therefore be regularly checked and maintained. The depth of a koi pond must be at least 150 cm.

This is necessary to prevent large fluctuations in water temperature in the winter, so that the koi can overwinter. A koi pond is therefore deeper than, for example, an ornamental pond. Plants cannot be placed in the part of the pond where the koi swim. Koi are plant eaters and will eat all the plants they encounter in the pond. Except in, for example, floating plant baskets that prevent them from accessing the plants.

Because in a koi pond the plants cannot keep the water clear, a solid filter system must be installed. Possibly in combination with a separate marsh plant area. Often other provisions are made such as one pond heating or a UV-C Filter. Koi can be around 70 to 80 centimeters long. The koi pond must therefore be large enough for these fish. The rule is one koi per 1000 liters of water. Depending on the size and used materials of the koi pond, the investments can be high.

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