Proper Size for the Koi Pond Filter

Small Pond Filter Systems

Small Pond Filter Systems

Koi Pond Filter – Backyard garden ponds offer a relaxing atmosphere and can be home to many species of fish. Like any other aquarium or artificial pond, they need adequate filtration and oxygenation to remain habitable for the fish. Without a filtering system, the pond will become turbid and create an unfavorable environment for fish and other plant species. To size, a pond filter, identify the volume of the pond. This is a fairly easy calculation that requires taking simple measures.

Calculate the volume of your pond. Depending on the shape of your pond, it will either have a length and width or simply a measure of diameter. For all types, a depth measurement is necessary. Calculate the size of the filter needed for your pond based on the volume of the pond. An area of the filter surface should be about 10 to 15 percent the size of your pond. For example, if the pond has a volume of 16 cubic feet, you want the surface area of ​​the filter to be 1.6 to 2.4 square feet. Look at the pond pump systems and find out what filter to purchase. Depending on the pump system you are going to use, the filters can come in different sizes. The surface of the filters must appear on the package.

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