Pond Rake For Fish Pond or Water Garden

Pond Protector Net

Pond Protector Net

Pond Rake –  The Hottest Safe Fish Pond for Koi Ponds and Small Water Parks. The first thing you want to do is keep the buoy safe. This is important. Safe fish items come in various thicknesses made of different materials. The most popular for koi ponds or water parks is 45 miles of EPDM rubber liners. The liners are rather thick – about 1/8 “and very flexible and ‘rubbery.” They remind you of tubes in a bicycle, but are thicker, they come in various sizes with dimensions that can be divided by 5’, a tanker 10 ‘x 10’ will come before the pre-box and be ready to ship.

The pool liners up to 400 square feet (for example 20 ‘x 20’ coatings) can be sent via UPS, are heavier and packaged differently, requiring shipping via motorbike and incoming with rolls of the largest size of 50 ‘x 100’, all in one section of this roll are usually transported to the pool site with the front loader with a fork that fits into the roll opening that the liner is launched in. The liners can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds or more on site, launched near the edge of the pond and positioned strategically to the excavated area.

There are several choices for those who want to build large fish ponds or water parks where they need a liner greater than 50 ‘x 100’.  In this case, the 2 most popular choices are to buy 2 or more rolls of 50 ‘x 100’ 45 mile EPDM liner pool and narrow it together or buy a variety of types platforms that come in larger sizes and all are made in one unit!

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