Backyard Koi Ponds Waterfall

A koi pond and koi pond waterfall can bring a touch of serenity to any yard. What serenity can be further improved and expanded to create a showy oasis that highlights the pond as the centerpiece of your yard. You can opt for a natural look that helps the pond blend into the style of […]

Best Large Pond Algae Control

A living dust is particularly suitable for flat or near flat ground. Pond algae eaters only partially excavated with soil removed to form the area of ​​the basin. Excavation builds up the sides of the pond so that the water level is higher than the original ground level. An externally pumped water source, such as […]

Fishpond Fly Fishing Equipment

Many people find that water in the garden gives rest and relaxation. So alone it can be a good reason to build a pond. You can also build a pond and also understanding of how to stock a pond to attract abundant wildlife. Or because you want a swimming lake or shallow play area for […]

Build a Lake

How to build a large pond? Before choosing the model you want to make, find the place where you will have it. Yes, you will need a small slope and if you do not have one in your garden, create it yourself! First, dig the area where your pond will be laid, and then you […]

Beautiful Pond Digger Ranch

The pond digger in place can be the answer to the sustainable garden irrigation needs of a small farm. Using groundwater for massive irrigation systems has resulted in the long-term depletion of groundwater reservoirs, which wells for running dry. Waterproofing systems using rainwater and natural surface water flow allowed the farmer. In every small farm […]

Pond landscaping ideas – Choose the perfect place, fish ponds provide such a peaceful refuge in your landscape that the choice of the perfect location should be your top priority. Consider the shadow and sun areas in your yard. The excess of shade cannot provide enough heat for the fish, besides creating a mess of […]

Backyard Koi Pond Designs

A waterfall pond feature can serve as a vibrant and beautiful gathering point for your front yard, backyard or garden. The consistent flogging of the waterfall creates a soothing sound that can surpass traffic and other noise. In addition, you can add fish and aquatic plants to the pond waterfall flowing in to create a […]

Skimmer Parts For Inground Pool

Pond Skimmer – The ways you prepare your pond and your equipment for winter depend on whether you are keeping the fish in the pond for the winter. If you decide to keep the fish in the pond during the winter, you need to keep the water clean and free from accumulation of dangerous gases, […]

Used Pond Liner For Sale Discount

Small Pond Liner – Among the conditions that can make above necessary soil ponds, for example when you cannot disturb the trees or when the soil is impossible to dig. In the land, ponds are a solution to this. Although the pond scheme may use bricks or cement blocks, to make the pond look attract […]

Shop for Vac Pond Vacuum

Pond Vacuum Cleaners – In order to keep the fish and plants resident in your pond healthy, it is necessary to clean the pond every few months. Leaves and other debris accumulate at the bottom of the pond and begin to rot. The putrefaction process steals oxygen and nutrients needed by fish and plants in […]