How to Choose Solar Pond Aerator

Windmill Pond Aerator

Windmill Pond Aerator

Aerating a solar pond aerator from the farm is an entirely natural way to maintain or restore the health of a pond on the farm. As a self-sustaining pond age, you will probably experience low levels of dissolved oxygen, stagnant water, and thermal stratification. This often leads to an accumulation of nutrients and dirt, excessive weed growth and algae, noxious odors and as we all know stagnant ponds became a breeding ground for insects. By adding oxygen or aeration, it almost immediately improves the health of the pond ecosystem.

Dissolved the increase of oxygen levels to healthy levels. Stagnation is replaced by current convection, the circulation water column. It achieves the balance of nutrients and biological processes begin to reduce the layer of dirt. Algae and weeds that compete for nutrients in the pond and subsequently there is a reduction in the growth of weeds and algae. The odors are eliminated as a gas exchange occurs during the aeration process. Choose the aeration system of the pond very easy. By following these steps you will save money in the long term and improve the health of your pond.

Determine the size of your pond. Physically you can measure the pond or go to a service like Google Earth. This service offers a measurement tool is very accurate. Simply write your address and distance measurement. Determine the shape and slope. Round or oval ponds require fewer diffusers and the inverse is true for rectangular or odd ponds. If you have coves or coves or extreme length, plan additional diffusers to aerate the sections.

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