How to Build a Pond Filter System

Submersible Well Pump Filter

Submersible Well Pump Filter

Pond Filter System – A beautiful water garden often means having a natural pond full of beautiful aquatic plants and possibly even fish and other water-loving animals. These ponds can contribute a healthy source of aerated water to the ecosystem. Pond filtration is a fundamental element to keep the system working perfectly.

Calculate the exact size of the pond installed. These measurements determine the size and degree of filtration are necessary. Structure in any area in ‚Äčnatural water flow or devices, such as waterfalls and streams. Consider the mechanical filtration that collects waste and contaminants in a filter. Biological filters use bacteria to break up any contaminant, and some filters use ultraviolet light to consolidate algae and impurities.

Establish layers of gravel or foam that encourage good colonies of bacteria to grow and manage the decomposition of fish waste and organic matter. Determine the maximum flow rate of the filtration method used. Faster flow rates can actually damage the speed at which colonies of healthy bacteria grow. Place the pond filter in a pond or outside the pond area. The filter should always be above the maximum water level of the pond for better flow. Put a tube in place to direct the wastewater from the lagoon to another area a good distance from the lagoon.

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