House Number Ideas: Very Simple To Realize

Contemporary House Number Ideas

Contemporary House Number Ideas

House number ideas – Here are original ideas to beautify your house number, and surprise your guests at the same time! Ideal to indicate the entrance of a contemporary interior, a number of house adorned with nails is very simple to realize. Start by drawing your numbers on a piece of paper. At this point, you can help you with software such as Photoshop, which will suggest you lots of original fonts!

Once the sheet is printed, place it on your surface (wood plate or concrete), and with a hammer or drill, place nails very close together. Here it is, you only have to hang your plate at the entrance! No need for the help of a pro to create beautiful numbers! To make them stencil, first print your numbers on a sheet, before cutting the contours to the cutter.

Using a brush, a pad soaked in black ink or a spray of paint, fill the spaces on the chosen support (concrete, slate, wooden or copper plate) then remove your stencil. Your personalized artwork is complete! Do you like nature ? Armed with five wooden boards, build a box inside which you stick a rectangle of tall grass. With nails, hang your numbers and hang the box like a table near your door. Nature effect guaranteed!

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