Automatic Pond Cleaner

Pond Vacuum – Rural pools and landscape pools add value to any property. Maintaining the cleanliness of this water body can be a task. One of the best tools to help keep your water clean and full of oxygen is a pool of vacuum cleaners. Failure to remove debris and detritus from the bottom of […]

Cheap Pond Skimmer

Pond Skimmer – Skimmer pools are an important part of koi ponds or water parks and are an important choice when considering the construction of an outdoor swimming pool. Like all products, there are many brands and sizes of skimmers to choose from. The factors that determine the size, number and brand include the size […]

Backyard Ponds For Dummies

How To Build A Pond – Waterfall attraction is a gem of a landscape that creates a relaxed atmosphere that enlivens family, friends and neighbors. Satisfaction with claiming ownership of this invention is another advantage of the project itself. Before you can build your own waterfall pool, having knowledge of the parts and tools needed […]

Custom Powered Waterfall Pump

Pond fountains are popular water features that serve a practical as well as an aesthetic purpose. They help to air the water, which increases oxygen and inhibits algae growth. The pumps that supply water to the fountain also filter the water, which is especially important if the pond has fish. There are some basic steps […]

Arm Pond Supplies

If in a pond or other artificial reservoir oxygen, then there is good water quality and good well-being for the inhabitants. Water is enriched with oxygen using a unit called the “air reservoir”. For a pond of any size, it is the only way to create favorable conditions for the existence of underwater and flood […]

Colored Pond Liners

Rigid preformed pond linings are usually made of molded plastic or fiberglass. If you put a pond in a lawn, don’t let the grass grow right up to the water’s edge. Lay a strip of gravel or gravel around the pond to protect the edge of the plastic liner during mowing and to prevent the […]

Pond Drainage Pumps

Pond pumps – Reliable pool pump is an outdoor fish pond center. This water pump is usually used to turn on fountains, waterfalls and other water features. Choosing the best pump for a particular app is a very important decision. Choosing the wrong choice can lead to poor water circulation and high energy bills. In […]