Pond landscapes – The design of a pond can be the first step in creating your dream environment, or the final touch to a patio full of life. The ponds are a source of beauty throughout the year, and a home for fish, butterflies and organic matter. The design of a pond that will eventually […]

Amazing Man Made Pond Ideas

Man made pond – Rocks and stones give a courtyard pond a natural look while performing several useful functions. There are three types of natural rock. Sedimentary rocks such as sandstones and limestones are the softest. Limestone should not be used in fish ponds. Metamorphic rock like schist, slate, quartz and granite is more difficult […]

Diy Pond Heater

Keep in mind that each garden pond is an individual ecosystem with its own peculiarities and needs. Despite all the precautions something unforeseen can always happen, which is why you should not forget the existence of the pond de icer during the winter. With winter temperatures it is essential to take measures to protect the […]

In Pond Water Microorganisms Concerned

Pond water organism – The features of the water park like the pool certainly have many benefits to being offered. Some people can maintain a pond to raise fish, swim, check wildlife or just quench thirst for aesthetic pleasure. Whatever type of pool you have in your garden, you need to know proper pool maintenance […]

Awesome Backyard Pond Kits

When you have an understanding of the conditions needed for the foundation, you should dig a test hole to determine the soil’s ability to house a pond. Ideally, your stocking my pond should be as deep as you plan to make your pond. The most suitable amount of groundwater in the test hole should be […]

Animals To Put In Pond

Pond Habitat – Enjoy wild life and outdoor plants outside the front door, terrace, and / or your own backyard. If you want to start a project like that, garden ponds are the best way to get started. All types of wildlife need water for life. . . and thousands of species of wildlife (both […]

Buy Pumps for Pond

Pumps for pond – Many dream of a garden pond with water lilies and a calm water mirror. Water in the garden gives the garden its own tranquility, and attracts a lot of wildlife to the garden. No matter what size you have on the garden, you can always have room for a pond. From […]

About Zip Lining

Lums pond zip lining – Opt for a real catchy in your outdoor space and at the same time create your own aquatic haven! Are you short of inspiration? Do not worry, you’re definitely in the right place! We offers over 12 examples of garden pond waterfall that will help you find your own perfect […]

Backyard Koi Ponds Waterfall

A koi pond and koi pond waterfall can bring a touch of serenity to any yard. What serenity can be further improved and expanded to create a showy oasis that highlights the pond as the centerpiece of your yard. You can opt for a natural look that helps the pond blend into the style of […]

Best Large Pond Algae Control

A living dust is particularly suitable for flat or near flat ground. Pond algae eaters only partially excavated with soil removed to form the area of ​​the basin. Excavation builds up the sides of the pond so that the water level is higher than the original ground level. An externally pumped water source, such as […]