All about Catfish Pond as a Business Idea

Big Catfish Pond

Big Catfish Pond

Catfish breeders can sell their product to processors for up to $ 1 a pound. On a successful farm, that can translate into yields of more than $ 2,000 per acre. You can raise catfish in tanks, underwater cages and other boats, but the common approach is to raise fish on farms large enough to support several hectares of catfish ponds. Acquire an extension of farmland large enough to house adequate catfish ponds.

You can grow the catfish successfully in ponds as small as. 25 acres, but ponds of 1 to 5 acres on the surface are preferable. You can use natural fish ponds or dig your own. Provide an adequate water supply. For a commercial pond of commercial catfish, this means a flow of approximately 20 to 30 gallons per minute per acre. You can dig a channel to a stream or well, or use any source that is free of contaminants and chemicals.

If you use a natural source, eliminate any fish that may try to swim. Aerate and warm your pond. There are pump, propeller and paddlewheel aerators that agitate the water and circulate the dissolved oxygen so that the cats can breathe. Maintain water at 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal growth; the spawning ponds should be at 77-81 degrees.

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