r/Seattle rates their Mayor, Ed Murray receives a 4.15 out of 10 (via RedditRatings.com)


Using RedditRatings.com (our newly developed reddit rating application) we conducted a rating/review of Seattle’s current Mayor, Ed Murray, in the Seattle subreddit. The Seattle subreddit (reddit.com/r/seattle) is one of the most active local subreddits with over 50,000 subscribers. We received a decent response and some good feedback for the Mayor and his staff. See the results below…

We asked:

How would you rate Mayor Ed Murray on a scale from 1-10? and why?


Top 3 Scoring Reviews:

  1. SD70MACMAN – 4 of 10: “still is a bit uninformed on the local issues, the PR blunder was entertaining, he seems as divisive as McGinn (hehe go Ben), siding with the police union really pissed me off, and he already has that “what can **I** do to secure my name in Seattle’s history” feeling. And unlike McGinn, Murray is THE MAYOR OF SEATTLE, not some friendly, approachable bearded dude who appears randomly at events on a bike. Murray got some points by announcing the accelerated schedule for the bike lane downtown and keeping the $15/hour debate somewhat sane. Horray for some progress! I’m still neutral on his transit and transportation policy.”
  2. uselessattempt – 3 of 10: “What little leadership he has shown has been to tear down the progressive reforms started prior to his term. He seems to want to play politics rather than leading as a progressive, which is what this city wants. Seattle has a wide majority for support on the $15 movement, for police reform, for public transportation, etc. Yet all of his initiatives on this have been mediocre, ineffective, regressive, or so heavily watered down by all affluent parties, that one wonders why we even bother. The overwhelming theme I’ve seen throughout his actions is to protect established players, be them large affluent businesses or union leaders, when really, we need someone to stand up for effective, progressive reforms for the people of this city.”
  3. DerekWildstar – 4 of 10: “Seems to have deftly navigated the $15/Now with a working coalition. Surprisingly has legit planes for bike lanes and Rent-a-Bikes. Negatives for lack of spine when dealing with Sawant, seems to fear her nutty followers. Appears to be doing a lot of backdoor policy making rather than being open about where he stands on any issue. Would love for him to modernize taxi regulations like NYC, taxis should be much more customer friendly. Really should work on getting dark fiber working for residents of Seattle and not Comcast.”

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Summary: We are happy that a handful of subscribers contributed their rating of Mayor Ed Murray. Only a few users did not submit their rating correctly. One comment that came up a few times was that Mayor Murray has not been in office long enough to rate. This led us to the conclusion that we should have added a preface, such as “Mayor Murray has only been in office for 4 months… but how would you rate his performance so far?”.

We hope to do more ratings like this in the future. Most of the reddit Ratings we have done have been for video games or other pieces of content. But we think conducting ratings on people could prove to be very valuable to leaders.

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