Now Entering Phase 2: GroupSRC Solutions

GroupSRC recently entered an entrepreneurial competition in the hopes of winning $5,000 to invest in our business. We did not win, but it was a good process to go through and it has caused us to rethink what GroupSRC is, who we want to help, and how we want to help them.

Our primary conclusion was that we did not have a clear idea of what we were selling. We knew that we wanted to help leaders use reddit to interact with their audience, but we did not have a clear product to pitch to them. This has led us to create GroupSRC Solutions. Each GroupSRC Solution solves a specific problem that many leaders have.

The first full-service solution we are offering is the GroupSRC Mailbag. The GroupSRC Mailbag is for leaders that have made themselves accessible to their audience and now consequently find themselves drowned in audience requests.

The GroupSRC Mailbag uses reddit as a place for an audience to submit requests and vote up the requests they think the leader should respond to. The leader can then respond to the top requests via reddit, their blog, their podcast, or other outlet.

We think this solution is a must for any content creator that responds to audience questions because it maintains accessibility, creates a democratic and transparent process for choosing questions, and it saves time previously spent processing emails. You can learn more about the GroupSRC Mailbag here.

We also launched two additional solutions – GroupSRC Reddit Notifications and GroupSRC Subreddit Branding. These are actually sub-solutions that are included in the GroupSRC Mailbag, but could also stand alone for leaders that do not need a full-service solution. More “full service” GroupSRC Solutions like the Mailbag will be coming down the pipeline soon.

Secondly, we are recommitting ourselves to becoming experts in leader/audience relationships. We will be posting to the GroupSRC Blog to showcase our expertise and explore various topics related to crowd-sourcing and leadership.

Stay tuned and always feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

Learn more about the GroupSRC Solutions

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