For Duncan Trussell in memory of his mother,
Deneen Fendig (1947 - 2013)

"I may leave this plane of existence sooner rather than later, but the love isn't going anywhere.

I am as certain of that as I am of anything.

I want to say that I will be with you in ways that neither you nor I can comprehend.

I'm spread out throughout the world. Not by anything I'm doing, but I'm with you.

Just pay attention, listen for me.

I'm here.

I'm there."

- Deneen Fendig

The #DTFH Family thanks you for sharing your mother with us.

@BabaRamDass: We love conscious comedian, podcaster & satsang member @DuncanTrussell
@mattstaggs: Guys, our sweet friend @Duncantrussell lost his mom today. Drop by here and leave a few kind words, would you?
@ConnerHabib: Sex is our doorway in, death the doorway out.To talk about either mystery is a huge healing act. Thanks to you and your mom @duncantrussell
@DickBain: If you are human take time and listen to this ep of @duncantrussell it's truth and real and I cant thank him enough
@dankoni: @duncantrussell Sorry to hear that, Duncan. Your mom was truly an awesome lady. Condolences from Kat and I. Love you both.
@DeathSquadWA: @duncantrussell I was saddend to hear about your mom. My mom is a cancer survivor, and my psychic tendrils are reaching out to you today....
@Audax819: @duncantrussell all the best. Your mom will always share wonderful energies and a lot more people get to experience that because of you man.
@whileseated: @duncantrussell thank you for sharing your mom’s wisdom through your podcast.
@benyarbro: @duncantrussell i heard about your mom and wanted to wish you all the best...shes not in pain anymore...and thankyou for sharing her with us
@syzlive: @duncantrussell Deepest condolences man. Your mom is a true heroin who will be missed. Thank you for sharing the experience. Love and light
@drealroydizzle: @duncantrussell I've been trying to sense the inside of my hand for an hour now. Your mom continues to freak me out #luvher #REVEREND
@matbismore: @duncantrussell don't know you, but I feel you. You were wise to share her with the word. I'm a better person because of u & mom. #Love
@DeathSquadWA: @duncantrussell ...I listened to both podcasts with your mom, she was an amazing woman, I wont delete either of them, ever. #family
@mad_haighter: @duncantrussell ...I listened to both podcasts with your mom, she was an amazing woman, I wont delete either of them, ever. #family
@mad_haighter: @duncantrussell I was saddend to hear about your mom. My mom is a cancer survivor, and my psychic tendrils are reaching out to you today....
@bjclements: @duncantrussell sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my mom a couple of years ago and it was arguably the hardest thing I've gone through.
@SleepFastTweets: @duncantrussell sending some love your way. Loved your mom & your podcasts w her. Inspired me to record conversations w my mom too.
@MassoudCorbiere: @duncantrussell thanks for the podcasts w/your mom,it was an amazing experience even to listen to it and connect at that level. Condolences
@CamsterCage: @duncantrussell my condolences Duncan. I really enjoyed the podcast with your mom.
@fcprich: @duncantrussell keep doing what your doing man. Your a big inspiration and your mom was a lovely person. She is still with us.
@Sw33tM0d3z: @duncantrussell sorry to hear that Duncan. Your mom was my favorite guest on your podcast. Much love sir, and thank you for sharing her
@StianGL: @duncantrussell I'm sorry about your mom. She seemed like a really great person on the podcast. :)
@CooneyArts: @duncantrussell luv 2 your family.My dad passed from cancer & the talks you shared w/ your mom filled the dialogue I never had with him, thx
@UnkemptShow: Rest in peace Deneen! Divine Love Duncan chats with his dying mom. from The Duncan Trussell Family Hour @duncantrussell
@CodyLDaniels: @duncantrussell You and your mom were truly inspiring in both podcasts, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much to both of you!
@Dy5function: @duncantrussell I'm sorry to hear about your mom, brother. Sending you my positive energy. Take care
@mysterybuddha: @duncantrussell You and your mom were and are an inspiration. Be well.
@Mike_Honcho: @duncantrussell listened to the podcast with your mom yesterday. Really incredible. She was an incredibly brave soul and eloquent lady #love
@codymfhurst: @duncantrussell sorry to hear about your mom. One of the best podcasts ever man...positive vibes being sent your way.
@TheIzzyRock: @duncantrussell The podcasts you did with your Mom were some of the best I ever heard. I'm grateful to have heard her wisdom. Much love
@rpnlipsfshnteam: @duncantrussell Condolences to you and your family - Just finished mom #2 podcast - #powerful - Hope all is well !
@Vicarious_84: @duncantrussell Im so sorry Duncan, your mom was a great person. Much love.
@Danny_Henning: @duncantrussell sorry to hear that, Duncan. You had a really cool mom.
@JJJaswal: @duncantrussell A lot of love going out to you in this time. Great episode with mom. What a great woman!
@standrkm: @duncantrussell Your relationship with your mom makes me envious, she was music to my ears, the afterlife must be full of awesomeness.
@Mburke8888: @duncantrussell really sorry about your mom she was a special lady and did an amazing job as a mother.
@richabustos: @duncantrussell I’m so sorry for your loss. Your mom was a kind soul, and you have the support of your family, friends and fans. <3
@xflipkitx: @duncantrussell My condolences to ur fam&friends. Your mom was quite the trooper and an awesome mom to bring up such a great guy like u!
@BCLI: Love you @duncantrussell! Thoughts & energy are with you, your family and mom. What an amazing lady! Thanks for letting us get to know her,
@BrentDeBraga: @duncantrussell % of this pod avg. listener will cry? Miss my Mom so much. Please reply quick I want to prepare myself before listening.
@nopoopscoop: @duncantrussell TY for sharing.. Hold dear/cherish all the great memories your Mom will continue to create. #Deneen TY TY.. Peace!
@meltinmikesmind: @duncantrussell "just pay attention, listen for me, I'm here" -Duncan's Mom Sorry for your loss. I enjoyed hearing the two of you talk.
@harpdizz: Everyone send @duncantrussell some love. His beautiful mom passed away and he is one of the most loving people ever
@sean_logue1: @duncantrussell I'm sorry to hear that, man. Your mom must have been the shit! Things will get better, they always do.
@HanaLaineDesign: @duncantrussell so sorry to hear about your mom. You and your family will be in my thoughts & prayers. She was a beautiful woman.
@RandomLiving101: @duncantrussell Im sorry .Your mom was so smart and insightful.Her voice was so soft and calming,I loved hearing her thoughts in the podcast
@JoeRoganReddit: RT for @duncantrussell 's mom #DTFH
@JDunn004: @duncantrussell sending you and the fam warm positive vibes. #powerful podcasts with your mom - inspiring.
@tahoeyy: @duncantrussell Thank you for sharing her with us. Your mom is an inspiration and you are living proof of her awesomeness.
@TheBlipster: @duncantrussell your mom was a special person. Sorry for your loss man. #fuckcancer #fuckdeath peace brotha!
@DeathSquadPhila: Our loving condolences go to @duncantrussell for his wonderful mom, Deneen. She was an amazing spirit, we thank her for sharing her wisdom.
@SnoopDerekT: @duncantrussell Very sad to hear about your Mom's passing. Best wishes.
@krisjames1978: @duncantrussell sincerest condolences Duncan, thanks for sharing your Mom's powerful personality with us recently, I gained greatly from her
@tompkinsjr: @duncantrussell so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. Sending positivity and love your way brother
@cris_walker: @duncantrussell thanks for sharing your mom on the podcast, I immediately fell in love with her! Sending love your way
@BethKeely: Sending hugs and love your way @duncantrussell, I truly feel blessed to have your Mom's words touch my soul...
@C3_VB: @duncantrussell Sorry to hear about your mom. The two podcasts you did with her really showed the unique bond you have. RIP.
@gorayeb99: @duncantrussell love you, duncan. your mom will always be with you. you will see it in your actions, in your thoughts, in everything you do.
@tofutikline: @duncantrussell positive vibes from NJ duncan. Thanks to you and your mom for sharing two rare and enlightening conversations.
@vjm117: @duncantrussell sorry for your loss. The podcast with your mom was a serious tear jerker what an amazing woman!
@RELLIV3NT: Embodied Transcendence. Love Always @duncantrussell And His Beautiful Mom.
@TimOwings: @duncantrussell thoughts and prayers brother. The podcasts with your mom were extremely touching and very moving. She showed true grace.
@Womas64: @duncantrussell the last podcast with your mom.... it was just so amazing on many levels. Heartbreaking, uplifting, honest. Thank you.
@turdsofthunder: @duncantrussell I'm sorry about your mom Duncan. It was awesome hearing her on your podcast. She sounded like an amazing woman!
@MissouriMommys: @duncantrussell I'm sorry for your loss buddy. Keep your head up cause you know your mom would have wanted that. Love
@AllyGrace: I love this picture @duncantrussell your #family is very #powerful to me. Thank you and your mom for everything. 🌐💙
@MiggyBorja: @duncantrussell we love you duncan. I loved hearing your mom on the podcast. Blessings from the philippines
@MitchNutter: @duncantrussell I bet she's chillin with my mom, don't worry, my mom loves to show people the ropes. Love you buddy, keep making her proud!
@Refractional: @duncantrussell So sorry for the loss of an extremely positive and forward-thinking woman, your mom. Thoughts are with you brother.
@lewistwilliams: @duncantrussell sorry for your loss. I only knew your mom from your podcast, but she was remarkable to hear those times.
@daveturtlelake: @duncantrussell your mom and family are in our hearts Duncan
@THEORIGINALMIZ: @duncantrussell It hits me really hard even as I’m typing this to know I’m going to have to go through the same thing. Love my mom so much.
@THEORIGINALMIZ: @duncantrussell Having your mom on the podcast was incredible. She is an awesome person, & clearly, she passed that on to you. Love & light.
@SoundProof21: @Notmagweedo @d_seaman @duncantrussell his mom passed
@ken778ert: @duncantrussell sorry to here about your mom man but keep ur head up youre an awesome guy love you on the podcast dude stay strong!!
@beagleandpup: @duncantrussell sending you love and a peaceful heart at this sad time.Thank you for the podcast with your Mom, I will cherish them forever
@LVerde4: @duncantrussell sorry to hear that man! your mom sounded awesome from the podcasts! #PostiveVibes
@AlxFromPhilly: @duncantrussell Much love to you and yours, Duncan. Giving my mom an extra hard hug tonight in your mom's honor.
@infantejp: @duncantrussell love and positive energy your way. The podcasts with your mom helped me deal with a death in my family. Thank you.
@NickEventually: @duncantrussell love you man. Sorry to hear about your mom. You've changed many lives for the better, always remember that.
@BramptonWaldo: @duncantrussell My condolences, bud. Your mom was an incredible person, and I enjoyed both DTFH episides.
@FallonShrugs: @duncantrussell sorry about your mom love xoxooxx
@lancedumbface: @duncantrussell I'm truly sorry Duncan. Cancer took my mom in 2002. I know it's rough but it gets better in time. Hang in there. #Positive
@samfrancis: @duncantrussell thanks for sharing the conversations with your mom, sure theyll help people in the future
@rodoggg: Love you @duncantrussell your mom sounded like she was at peace.
@JTreeCrawford: @duncantrussell I truly hope your Mom is discovering the mysteries of the universe right now. Listened to her on DTFH #CoolLady #PeacetoU
@dmc3020: @duncantrussell 3,000 miles away, the only way i met your mom was through DTFH keep doing what youre doing duncan, your mom is awesome #RIP
@Nordicbells: @duncantrussell Sorry for your loss Duncan. Thanks for bringing your mom on the podcast to share her wise words with the world. Much love.
@djoyromero: @duncantrussell Sorry about your mom. I lost my mom to C when she was 42. Thank you for sharing her with us. #MuchLove
@VEGAS_702: @duncantrussell Stay strong . You had a very cool mom.
@CODYinTheCut: @duncantrussell I'm sorry the loss of your mom. Thank you for all the great work you do. Really appreciate it man, you're a genius.
@cwarmo: @duncantrussell *I meant sorry to hear about your Mom.
@yellowban: @duncantrussell sorry to hear Duncan. A lot of us fans love u. Your a good soul. I'm sure your mom had a lot to do with that. Xoxo
@havefun69: @duncantrussell An inspiration. It was like listening to the Mom or Aunt or Teacher we ALL need. Thanks for sharing your Mom with us. #held
@amirfenjjiro: “@duncantrussell: My Mom passed away this morning. Your kind words of love and healing were a great comfort to her in her last days." RIP
@garykealy2: @duncantrussell My thoughts are with you my friend. You and your mom make me so proud of humanity. She was and still is an incredible light.
@cwarmo: @duncantrussell Sending hope, positive vibes and hugs your way. Sorry to about your Mom.
@Phamtigalo: @duncantrussell hang in there bro. Your mom will live forever through you.
@jasoncastillo: @duncantrussell So sorry to hear about your Mom. Thank you for sharing those conversations with us. She was amazing.
@Khan_Fu: @duncantrussell: Sorry to hear Duncan. Your mom was an inspiration
@Stonedapelive: @duncantrussell all the love to you! Our prayers are with you and your mom.
@darrenlasso: @duncantrussell sincerest condolences man. Your mom sounded like a real cool lady. Those 2 podcasts really touched me. Sorry for your loss
@TuringFork: @duncantrussell A poem your mom probably wrote in her last incarnation: Thinking of you #HareKrishna
@scottdopson85: @duncantrussell sorry to hear about your mom. Hugs and kisses from all your fans
@Cheyne_: @duncantrussell. Your my hero Duncan. Glad your Mom Is a part of this never ending cycle in the Universe. Rest in joy.
@DeathsquadCT: @duncantrussell We love you Duncan here in #Connecticut. Your mom will always remind us to stay strong and live w/an open heart. #MuchLove
@s919rider: @duncantrussell thank you sharing this personal loss with us all. The 2 podcasts I listened to with you and your Mom were great.
@Dionysus0786: @duncantrussell my condolences Duncan. Your mom sounded very peaceful and accepting of her illness. My grandfather passed away last week.
@brodiesten: @duncantrussell sorry to hear, the two episodes you did with your mom were phenomenal and inspirational
@matthewjneal: @duncantrussell hey man, sorry to hear about your mom. She was amazing.
@SlothIsLegend: @duncantrussell So sorry, Duncan. Your mom was a really special lady...thanks so much for letting us get to know her on your podcast.
@DavidMinuz: @duncantrussell for you Mom : The adventure begins. Be strong Duncan
@Notsteve11: @duncantrussell sending a cosmic hug your way. Thank you for introducing us to your amazing mom. Love and light to you, brother.
@MonkeyFace253: @duncantrussell my thoughts are with you and your mom Duncan. She birthed a guy who is changing minds across the world. All my respect
@johnnyCul: @duncantrussell Your Mom is where It's at now; and that's good. I'm sorry and sad that you and others will miss her though.
@ClintMuhe: @duncantrussell Your podcasts together brought me a deeper appreciation for my Mom. If her life's goal was to help others she succeeded.
@BrentonDan: @duncantrussell your mom sounded like such a beautiful soul. You're blessed to have known such a strong person. Keep your head up! Namaste
@3ndlow: @duncantrussell I loved the podcast with your mom, she seemed in a place of acceptance, and love. you can't ask for much more, stay powerful
@sunsfan10: @duncantrussell I love you Duncan, and I love your mom, I pray she has a smooth and peaceful transition. Sending love vibes your way, Agape!
@jblow15: @duncantrussell Haven't heard from the dunks for awhile. Love and prayers go out to your mom, you and fam! #wishuthebest #deathsquadfam
@Stoned_welder: @duncantrussell just listened to your mom on the podcast pt2.I wish I coulda had a convo like that with my mom before she died. #Thankyouman
@JoshuaHartwig: @duncantrussell that podcast with your mom got me pretty teary eyed, heavy emotions flying off in the room, interesting woman.
@frogandbanjo: Me too!! “@BabaRamDass: We love conscious comedian, podcaster & satsang member @DuncanTrussell”
@zabari: Recent eps of @duncantrussell family hour podcast have been phenomenal. Don Harmon, Adventure Time peeps, and the 2eps with his Mom are life
@MIKEY_SLY: @duncantrussell Podcast #2 with your mom was inspiring. Y'all took us into the deep end. Gracias.

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