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Take the reddit Challenge!

Leverage the power of reddit to communicate more effectively with your audience.

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For a limited time, GroupSRC is offering design and strategy services free of charge to select leaders and brands that commit to using reddit to communicate with their audience.

Take the reddit Challenge today and you will experience the following benefits:

More Efficient Communication

Reddit's voting system allows your audience to vote on their ideas, making it easy for you to determine what is most important to them.

Higher value interactions

Use reddit to answer audience questions, ask your audience questions, discuss issues, hold contests, and more!

Access Your Audience's Voice

Reddit gives your audience the tools to organize and condense their ideas into a single voice.

Deeper connection

More efficient communication, higher value interactions, and access to your audience's voice leads to a deeper connection with your audience.

Are you ready to communicate more effectively with your audience?

Case Study: Let's Talk Bitcoin! takes the reddit Challenge


Let's Talk Bitcoin! is a Bitcoin podcast that GroupSRC invited to take the reddit Challenge. Let's Talk Bitcoin! accepted the challenge and commissioned GroupSRC to design their subreddit and create a basic promotional strategy. Let's Talk Bitcoin! executed the promotional strategy successfully to create a forum for listeners to discuss the show, provide feedback, and share ideas.


The reddit Challenge No-Risk Guarantee

The reddit Challenge won't cost you a thing, so there is no risk. Additionally, we guarantee you can communicate more effectively with your audience by using reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the reddit Challenge for?

The reddit Challenge is for any leader that wants to create a more efficient and intimate relationship with their audience. Podcasters, politicians, brands, bloggers, comedians, artists, musicians, and anyone with an audience will experience the benefits of taking the reddit Challenge.


I'm already using Facebook and Twitter to connect with my audience, why should I use reddit?

It is easy to waste time reading countless Facebook comments and Twitter mentions from your audience. Reddit allows your audience to promote their favorite ideas, which makes them visible by pushing them to the top of your subreddit. You can then save time by focusing on the ideas that have been promoted by your audience.


How do I know my audience will use reddit?

If you promote reddit and establish it as the place to interact with you, your audience will show up.


Who can participate in my subreddit?

Anyone can create an account at and participate. If you are worried about existing reddit users descending upon your subreddit, don't. Your subreddit will primarily consist of the people you invite (your audience).


What kind of people use reddit? Is it popular? has millions of users and over 5,000 active communities based on a wide range of topics and interests from knitting to bitcoin. Your subreddit will consist of your audience members discussing you and your content.


Who is GroupSRC and why are they doing this?

GroupSRC was created by brothers David and Paul DiGiovanni to help leaders use crowd-sourcing technology to interact with their audience. We created the reddit Challenge to encourage all types of leaders, from content creators to politicians, to embrace technology that allows them to listen and respond to their audience more efficiently.

We have no affiliation with reddit.

Are you ready to take the Challenge?

GroupSRC is offering design and strategy services to select leaders for free. If you are interested, fill out the application below and we'll get back to you.

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Don't Need Our Help?

Not a Leader?

Are you a fan or audience member that wants to see your favorite company, artist, brand, or leader use reddit? Ask them to take the reddit Challenge today!

Why did we create the reddit Challenge?

GroupSRC created the reddit Challenge because it is difficult for leaders with large audiences to respond to every email, facebook comment, and tweet. The reddit Challenge inspires leaders to use reddit, a crowd-sourcing technology, to organize their audience and interact with them more efficiently.

Reddit streamlines audience interaction by giving the audience a place to post ideas to the leader and vote on those ideas. The leader can then easily identify which ideas are most important to the audience by focusing on the ideas that get the most "upvotes".

Reddit allows audiences to organize their thoughts through a democratic process, creating an unprecedented level of communication between leaders and audiences. We truly believe this could change the world.