Hacking Democracy and Decentralizing Political Power

Remember politicians are humans, too. They have human flaws and when humans are given power they become corruptible. Some will do anything to acquire, maintain, and increase their power.

Popular remedies to the political problem are to “take money out of politics” or “educate the masses so they vote and hold politicians more accountable”. The problem with these solutions is that they continue to centralize political power around humans and human flaws. The only real solution is to remove the central point of failure, to decentralize political power.

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Reddit Game Reviews to Reddit Review Bot to Reddit Ratings is a 3rd party reddit app, created by GroupSRC, that helps subreddits rate things. The various name changes that we’ve made to the app reflect the evolution of the app as it was put into use in on reddit.

First we wanted to see if redditors were interested in reviewing video games on reddit. They were, so we decided to broaden our horizons and open up the app to reviews of any type. This led to the change from “Reddit Game Reviews” to “Reddit Review Bot”.

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Using Reddit to Crowdsource Videos Supporting Marijuana Legalization

GroupSRC recently launched a project called the “Trees Subreddit Video Donation Drive”. We are asking subscribers of /r/Trees, a popular marijuana subreddit, to donate videos of themselves answering the question, “Why do you think marijuana should be legalized?”. In return, we are donating $10 to the Marijuana Policy Project for each video that is submitted. We will also make a final compilation video of all the submissions which we hope to spread around the internet to promote the cause.

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RedditReviewBot – How Happy Are You?


Recently, I wrote about a new app I have been working on called “Reddit Game Reviews”. The basic idea is to allow redditors to review video games together by creating a “review thread” on reddit and then posting reviews as comments using a specific format. The application then scans all of the comments into a database and calculates an average rating as well as lists the reviews in a more traditional web page format.

Since then, I have expanded the idea to more than just video games. The app is now called RedditReviewbot and lives at

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