About GroupSRC

The mission of GroupSRC is to help decentralized groups communicate more effectively.

This can be broken down into internal and external communication:

  • Internal: Individual group members communicate with each other to spread ideas, form collective opinions, make decisions, and organize action.
  • External: Effective groups are able to accurately determine what the group thinks and then communicate those ideas to people outside of the group.

GroupSRC is currently focused on reddit as a platform for helping decentralized groups communicate internally and externally.

Reddit’s open platform gives the group a place to share and discuss ideas with other group members. GroupSRC is interested in creating applications that enhance the internal dialogue between group members.

Reddit’s voting system gives the group a simple way to decide what ideas are most important to them. GroupSRC is interested in creating applications that help the group share the “most upvoted” ideas with the rest of the world.

As more decentralized groups pop-up, we believe that their ability to communicate internally and externally will play a major role in the success of the internet as a forum for public discourse, conflict resolution, and collaboration.

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Contact us

You can send us an email using this form or feel free to contact us on Twitter – @GroupSRCbros.